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11 Dec. 21

Different Solutions for Shower Cabin Cleaning

If you are complaining about the water stains remaining on the shower cabin windows despite your constant cleaning, you can avoid this problem with a few cleaning products that you can use. Even if cleaning products sold in the markets are used in the cleaning of the shower cabin windows, water stains may remain. However, after cleaning the windows of the shower cabin, you can apply rain-repellent sprays to the glass so that the windows do not hold water.

Rain slider sprays are generally used in car windows and in the glass cleaning of outdoor cafes. However, these products, which are used in car windows, ensure that no water stains remain on the shower cabin windows. You can easily find rain slider sprays in large construction markets and companies that sell car cleaners.

Rain slider sprays are very easy to use. First of all, you need to complete the cleaning by using your standard cleaning materials for cleaning the shower cabin. Afterwards, it is necessary to dry the cleaned glass with a dry cloth or paper towel, as it will increase the permanence of the spray. After drying the glass, you can apply the rain repellent spray to both the inner and outer parts of the shower glass. After you have sprayed the spray on the entire glass, you need to thoroughly feed the glass with a microfiber cleaning cloth or a cleaning sponge. After the rain repellent spray is completely applied to the surface of the glass, wait for it to dry without doing anything additional. Thus, you can get protection against water stains on the shower cabin windows for at least a few weeks.

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What Should Be Considered While Cleaning the Shower Cabin?

We all deserve to relax after a tired working day. When you come home, there is nothing that helps you relax more than a hot shower. However, the fact that the shower cabin is not as clean as you want may affect the comfort you will get from the shower. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to all the details in the cleaning of the shower cabin and to repeat the cleaning frequently. So, what are the things to consider when cleaning the shower cabin?

  • Repeating the cleaning of the shower cabin frequently is very important for the permanence of the cleaning. Even delaying the cleaning of the bathroom for a few days plays a big role in making the dirt more permanent. For this reason, cleaning should be repeated at least once a week for easier and permanent cleaning.
  • Most of the DIY stores have small squeegees for window cleaning. After you take a shower, you can take just a few minutes to clean the water droplets that cause water stains on the glass of the shower cabin with these squeegees. In this way, you can prevent water stains that cause a dirty appearance, even if the shower cabin is clean.
  • Another factor that causes water stains to remain on the glass of the shower cabin is that the glass does not dry in a short time after the shower. After taking a shower, the humidity increases due to the hot air in the bathroom. In such an environment, it takes much longer for the already wet shower glass to dry. The water droplets remaining on the glass of the shower cabin turn into water spots in long periods. If you want to prevent water droplets, you can leave the door of the shower and bathroom open after the shower. Thus, the effect of humid air will last much shorter and your shower glass will dry in a shorter time. However, if you want a definitive solution to water stains, you should dry the windows yourself after each shower or clean the water from the glass with the help of a squeegee.
  • Various cleaning materials are generally used to ensure that the cleaning of the shower cabin is permanent. However, the use of cleaning materials that are heavier than necessary causes the silicones on the edges of the shower cabin to wear out and the shower cabin to leak. For this reason, cleaning should always be done using milder, non-acidic cleaners.
  • The use of salt spirit and similar heavy cleaning materials in the cleaning of the shower cabin also poses serious risks in terms of health. Inhaling such highly acidic cleaning materials, even for just a few minutes, causes various lung diseases and poisoning. For this reason, cleaning should be done with bleach at the most, and all ventilation channels of the shower cabin and bathroom should be opened while cleaning with bleach, and inhalation of bleach should be prevented.
  • Using cleaning products such as salt spirit and bleach to clean the shower cabin causes the bathroom tiles to wear out. Thus, although you do not damage the shower cabin, abrasions can be seen between the tiles on the inner surface of the shower cabin, and these parts that should normally be white appear in the color of the wall, creating a dirty appearance.