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11 Dec. 21

Boiler Clogging and Combi Pump Stuck

Boiler Clogging Heating, radiator, honeycomb installations were produced for our heating and saved us from the trouble of wood burning stoves. There was a heating system in very few parts of our country. However, with the spread of natural gas, especially in big cities, there are no houses with stoves. We can say that our air, which is poisoned by the smoke from the stove gases, is now much cleaner. In addition to its environmental benefits, it provides us with the opportunity to warm up with a single button, 24 hours a day and without the hassle of warming up. Of course, to do this, there is a machine that burns natural gas and circulates and heats the water in the heating system. This is also called a combi. Boilers are used in central systems, and combi boilers are used in rooms.

How to Prevent Boiler Clogging?

Even though we do not encounter it often, there is a malfunction in the combi boilers, which can cause constant problems in a system that is not completely cleaned. This is the fault we call boiler clogging. But what does boiler clogging mean? It is when the water circulating in the heating system gets dirty over time and starts to become muddy with the formation of lime and rust, and the residue clogging any place while passing through the combi boiler. Usually, a filter is placed to protect the boiler and this filter is clogged. This filter, which is located in the installation just below the boiler, is like a perforated strainer. It allows the passage of water but retains dirt. If there is no filter or if its openings are too large, limescale particles large enough to clog the boiler will enter the pump and cause the impeller to jam. However, such a combi-pump jam is very rare. As a result of more filter clogging, pump jamming occurs. Since the muddy sediment, which completely clogs the holes of the filter, prevents the water from returning, the pump cannot push the water and becomes filled with these impurities and cannot do its job. When the circulation is cut off, there is no heat this time. In any case, when the boiler is not circulating, it automatically cuts off the ignition. If you say that my boiler is malfunctioning, it is very likely that it is due to the reasons we have listed.

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When you call the service for the unburned boiler, it checks the problems we have listed and tells you which one is the cause. If the pump is not working for an electronic reason, it will repair it. However, he tells you to have the boiler cleaning done for the pump failure caused by the dirty system. When we say combi cleaning, all plumbing, honeycombs and pipes are cleaned. If the combi filter is clogged, you cannot get rid of the problem without cleaning the core and plumbing.

Heater core cleaning machine manufacturers recommend cleaning the heating system at least once every 2 years in order to prevent the boiler from clogging. In order to remove the lime and sediments formed in the installation from the system, the cleaning must be done in the entire installation and with the machine. You can get the boiler clogged with machine honeycomb cleaning. The cleaning of the heating system, which you will do to open the clogged boiler and protect the health of the installation, extends the life of the boiler and the installation, while also saving fuel. To get rid of the clogged boiler filter problem, do not neglect the maintenance of your installation. Our company has a wide reference network in the field of machine and chemical installation cleaning.

When there is a problem with the combi, we would like to call the boiler service immediately and get help. In fact, the combi boiler works within a system, not alone. A problem in the system also prevents the boiler from working. Combi boiler maintenance should be done regularly, but the installation requires maintenance like combi boilers. If the combi boiler is working, which is engraved in our brain, we need to get out of the fact that there is no other problem. It is the brain of the combi heating system. When the system does not work properly, the boiler is affected by it. The system must function properly and perform its functions correctly. When there is a problem somewhere, the whole system is affected. In order to avoid problems with the installations and the combi boiler, we should have the installation maintenance done regularly every 2 years.